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Does anyone have advice for building this? Answered

I am building a recumbent trike like the one in the picture (which happened to be my inspiration once I saw it on the gallery of northerntool.com). I will be using 2.5 inch fence post for the frame, a mountain bike, a chair/desk from my school, and various other parts. I plan to make an instructable once I'm done (don't worry, I'll take pics). The pipes won't be bent, but rather welded at angles. The back wheels will be 10" pneumatics. I have a pretty solid idea in my mind of how I'm going to do it, but it won't materialize until I get off my lazy butt (I've been mulling this project over for a few weeks now) and make the sparks fly. Oh yeah, almost forgot. This is green because it will make me feel more inclined to use human powered transportation.


one very innovative site is atomiczombie, and rqriley has a lot to offer as well!!

I would definitely NOT recommend 2-1/2 inch fence post tubing! I built a prototype trike using 1.25 inch chain link fence railing and it turned out to be GREAT fun to ride but way too heavy for riding more than a very few miles. It came out right at 100 pounds! I overbuilt the frame because I didn't know just how strong it would be but it was far stronger than I expected. I weigh 170 lbs but it easily carried a 200+ lb grandson of mine. I plan on building another trike this summer and will go with a much lighter frame. Good luck on yours.

I built it (similar, not a carbon copy) and it was... uncomfortable. And slow. In other words, it went back into the scrap steel pile for me to reincarnate it.

There's a simplified version here. It looks like you would be driving a soapbox car backwards-'power slide' isn't just the name, it would be your driving style!

Best I could say is to look at the pics at mmjmobile.com and see what you can copy.

Yeah, I've been looking at the designs for awhile, and I'm not trying to copy any one of the designs, but come up with a slightly different one (of course it'll be different, I have no solid dimensions)

Search for recumbent bikes and or Human powered vehicles HPV there are lots of build sites. front wheel drive and rear wheel steering are perhaps not the best options. yes I do have a recumbent I built 20 years ago.