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Does anyone have an estimate of the length of clothesline needed to dry a kilogram of clothes? Answered

I am proposing to a large organization that they change from using dryers to using clotheslines. They dry approximately 60 kilograms of clothes per day. How much space would they need to replace this with clothesline drying? It is typical clothes of the people who live there at the site which is located in a warm country.


ha ha. Sorry, I thought this was a trick question - "how long is a piece of string?"

A kilogram of boxer shorts are going to need a lot more clothesline than a kilogram of quilt; width and length and weight of fabric all matter. Figure out what THEIR typical mix is, figure out how much clothesline width each of those items requires, figure out what each of them weighs wet, do the math.

Also, length of time things spend on the line varies with those factors and with weather. How long is it likely to be in your area before clothes can be taken down and the line reused for the next batch?

Personal recommendation: Just hang up a clothesline and start using it, which will immediately take some of the load off the dryers, and which will give you practical experience with how much you can dry on that length of line in how much time under what weather conditions. Either use that experience to judge how much more line you will need, or just keep hanging additional clotheslines until the driers are no longer needed.

(I'm told clotheslines *can* work in winter; the water may freeze, but it will sublimate (evaporate directly from the frozen state) if you give it time to do so. I presume they won't work in 100% relative humidity conditions no matter how long you wait.)

Where will your line be? Arizona or Washington State?

OK 60 KG is about 5 times the load of my washing machine and I can hang my line with a full 12 kg load. The line is about 30 feet long.

So 30 x 5=180 feet + 25% for contingency = 225 feet

How much of those 60kg is water? Strength wise you have little to worry about - clothesline (particularly the vinyl/aircraft cable stuff) is extremely strong...

Will they be on pulleys?

How much room do they have to work with?