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Does anyone have an idea of what i could do with an old laptop? Answered

I have an old Dell Latitude CPi R and i wanted to do something like this but i dont know how i would be able to do it, but i want to do something instead of throwing it out. unfortunately i cant find the power supply

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orksecurity (author)2011-04-21

I'd get a power supply and set it up as a network server for a shared terabyte-or-larger disk drive and/or a printer, and/or plug it into my stereo system and use it as a jukebox machine. (In fact I have an old laptop which has spent most of its time doing exactly that, though I've occasionally used it for other server and communications tasks.)

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Vyger (author)2011-04-20

You can also get notebook power supply's really cheap on E bay.

If you get it working and you have a younger brother or sister you could give it to them. Undying gratitude probably will not be the reaction you get, but at least you made a gesture.

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iceng (author)2011-04-20

Try these places for that power supply.
Good luck

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