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Does anyone have an instructable on how to make quick curtians? I can sew but my time is limited. Answered



I have a terrific product called Quik Curtains, manufactured for my company, Maiden America. Quik Curtains are cut to fit, no sew! Can be gathered on a rod and hung immediately. Can be customized to fit any decor with Rit dye, rubber stamps, ribbons, etc. I am new to blogging and forums - and hope it is okay to direct you to my web site www.QuikCurtains.com Enjoy!


9 years ago

If you just want a decorative frame for the window, rather than closing curtains, just get a l-o-n-g piece of material. Now roll it over your rod a couple of times, keeping an equal drop on either side. You can even loop it three times, pulling the middle loop down, so that you have a curtain drop on either side, with a draped piece hanging down from the top-middle of the rod. Use a hem glue to hem.

I recommend buying or repurposing old curtain rods - they're not very expensive, but very functional for simple draperies. I used to work at jysk (ripoff of ikea) - they're dead simple to install even the cheapest kits. To attach to your material, sew a hem all the way around to prevent fraying. Grab a kit of eyelet gromets - and hammer them on every 6-12 inches. Attach a curtain hook to each grommet, then loop onto the curtain.

If aesthetics aren't too important simply pinning up sheets from a reel of fabric can do the job - I moved in to a house with massive bay windows, still haven't put up real curtains... For a quick way to attach curtain hooks I'd say safety pins might hold if you put plenty of hooks on and it wouldn't be particularly obvious, hell I imagine you could figure a way to staple them to it... *Note a staple gun is everything anyone could ever want... With the sheets from the outside they look like very boring curtains from outside and not too bad from inside, just don't misjudge the length needed and have a scrappy bit covering the last foot because it fell short...