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Does anyone have any dessert recipes for pears? Answered

I have a ton of pears I need to use before they turn bad so please give me some recipes! :)


I just make a cheese cake and after it has cooled just top it with the pears. make home made ice cream and just throw in some pears as part of the mixture. In most but not all you can use a fruit dessrt recipe and just substitute with the pears.

Thanks for all the ideas. I will definitely try them. :)

As well as the other comments, most apple-based recipes will work for pears.

There are several available on Instructables. Canida's pie (second result) looks especially promising.

Yes that recipe looks mouth-watering. :) I was also wondering would pear jelly be possible. I have made apple jelly and was thinking to post an 'ible on it but I don't know about pear jelly.

My grandmother used to make pear jelly all the time, and it was very tasty. I'm guessing that the process is no different than the one for making apple jelly.