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Does anyone ?have any good plans on how to make a small, simple, Lathe? Answered

I like lathes and have always wanted one. I want to make a very simple, small, lathe for wood. I want it to be pretty simple and easy to build. Perfect for small spindles and similar things. If someone could give me some good instructions on how to make one, I would be very greatful.


here you go i think it fits u perfectly but i think you will already have found it

It used to be quite common. Check for old popular mechanic's books at your library (or the old magazines on google books).

That said, there's a definatly a "danger danger" element to this one. A lathe is one of the least-safe tools in the shop. A DIY lathe can be even less safe.

One simple one is https://www.instructables.com/id/Drill-Press-Lathe/ and there are other similar ones in the box to the left.