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Does anyone have any idea how to make an efficient, yet cheap steam generator for a steam shower? Answered



You want to fill a shower cubicle with steam and that's a steam shower? Like a really small really steam steam room? 

For maximum steam potential, big water surface area, ever notice how when you make pasta a big wide pan throws off more steam than a little one?

Then you'd need a duct, to give the steam, actually just water vapour by then time to cool a little, to avoid horrific scalding and possible a fan to direct it, which would have to be isolated from its motor, or the motor waterproofed, to avoid shorts...

That would be a way to make a whole bunch of steam, though if you just wanted a sort of in between shower, put a plexiglass roof on the shower, it'll fill up with steam pretty fast, then you just use the shower intermittently to rinse during shower...

If the idea really strikes you I'd say an electric hob, some dryer duct, a big pan and some duct tape could fill a shower cubicle with steam, though to what end it kind of questionable...


8 years ago

Do you mean for a steam bath? If so, a home-built steam generator could be tricky and potentially dangerous.
If I were considering building a steam room, I would either buy a steam generator or do it the old fashioned way; make a hot rock steam system.

Vent a couple of vaporizers into the shower.

Could you give more detail, you seem to be asking how to blast a person with water above 100o ?