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Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a Cruise Control for 1974 VW bug? Answered


Nope.  DIY cruise control is right up there with diy nitroglycerin and diy surgery.  It might work but if it doesn't it can be lethal very fast.

Google "Toyota recall",  and substitute " diy cruise control" in the articles every time they mention Toyota.

I doubt that you can even get aftermarket cruise control installed due to the liability.

You could just jam a stick against the seat to hold down the acc. pedal.  That would be about as safe.

Ask your auto mechanic; s/he may have a preferred brand to recommend, and may offer installation services. Car audio places also sometimes install these.

You certainly can purchase aftermarket cruise control and install it yourself; I did so on my last-but-one car.  Major auto supply stores like Crutchfield stock an assortment of these, but may be less than helpful about telling you which is best for your vehicle. Two tips:

1) Never buy the least expensive. There's a reason it's cheapest. Go up at least one step.

2) If you can find one specifically intended for your make and model year, it's likely to have better instructions and may work better.

Whups. Said Crutchfield, meant Whitney.

The rest of my comments stand.

Don't believe the scare stories, the other answerers are telling you.  Aftermarket cruise controls exist, and installing them is relatively straight forward.  Here's an example:

However before dropping 300 or 400 USD on such a kit, I'd really want to get a copy of the installation manual first, so you go over everything involved(sensor, actuator, power, etc), to get an idea if it really would work in your Bug.  Sometimes the people that sell these things, lie, or at least exaggerate, regarding compatibility with every car under the sun.

A cruise control is truly a control system, so it  contains certain hardware that  wasn't factory installed on your Bug, like a speed sensor, and an actuator to tug on the throttle cable.

Regarding safety, these things are designed to "go limp", when turned off, or when controller senses the brake has been tapped/depressed.


.  If you have to ask, you don't know enough to do it. In addition to the safety aspects that Re-design mentions, it's a technically challenging project for any DIYer; even one with an engineering background.
.  While no less dangerous than cruise control, a throttle lock is pretty simple to install.