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Does anyone have experience using an SQ-SEN-200 inclinometer?(http://www.signalquest.com/sq-sen-200.htm) Answered


Technically you have answered the question in the best possible manner and therefore you should, in my opinion, be rewarded with "best answer". ;-)
However, I'm interested in hooking one up to a small display. Would you know how to do this? And if so, how?


What do you expect to display on your screen ? This part is not an inclinometer, its a vibration sensor.  You'll be able to tell how much its been shaken around, but not where.


Ok, I thought it was a inclinometer. I want to measure the inclination of the road while riding a bike.

You COULD use something like an ADXL321 accelerometer instead then. They sense dynamic acceleration and static "acceleration" from gravity.

I am SURE someone must have put one on an Arduino !