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Does anyone have ideas for a futuristic ninja costume inspired by master chief? Answered

For a while now I've been wanting to make a semi-working futuristic suit of armor. The main part of the armor would be the helmet and wrist band. The suit is inspired by Master Chief from Bungies "Halo" series although I would like to bring in some aspects of anime and ninja/ranger characters.A combination of past and future including blades/knives, lights, camera, a walkie-talkie, etc. I can't really access any fiberglass or anything like that so I'm going to modify a motorbike helmet with some material, glue, paper, electronics from a cheap Australian store, etc.So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what I could make the suit out of and what features I could include in it. All In all I want it to be a futuristic ninja. So I'm asking people with any ideas or expiriences as to what I should do with this plan, keeping in mind that I have very little experience in electronics and I am ridiculously short on cash.


If your going to build a futuristic "ninja" suit there will have to be a hint of traditional in it too. Shinobi from the old world designed their Gi to be used for multiple tasks. Their gear too served more then one purpose. If your suit is going to be a take on the old fassion, this should be incorporated.

You spoke of knives, maybe you could make knives that portrude from your wrist, and double as climbing claws. Any torso armor you make should be riddled with compartments. Maybe a breasplate with a detachable lamp for the stealthy night ops...

This was all done for 2 simple reasons; logistics, and adaptation to any environment. This will also help you with spending costs.

I never thought I would hear "futuristic", "ninja" and "master chief" in the same sentence.

I know... My computer crashed because it was overloaded with pure awesomeness when I typed that

I was meaning more the fact that Ninjas are old-fashioned with swords (this makes me think of "Hero"), Master chief (from what I know) is futuristic, but by no means ninja, and has massive armor, unlike a ninja.

ok, so how about I describe it as a light armour with futuristic technology built for use by assassins, snipers, etc.