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Does anyone have simple programs they made on a ti-83/84 graphing calculator? Answered

i have been making some and i want to see what other people have made and see how so i can farther my understanding


there are a lot of sites out there that are dedicated to programming some example programs can be found here:



these are not mine and i do not claim ownership. these are just examples for you to use

This would be a much better forum topic for collaboration.

I've made a cash register for my old skool theater concession job. (we had to do the math in our heads, so I made a point of sale program that listened to each button (which I made a waterproof overlay). When the button was pressed it would add that item to the screen, and keep a total price. Then I used my 'sales' as inventory for end of shift.) That was a lot of fun. it used the sub() function (or is it instr() on a calculator? I forget). All the item names were in one long string "LG POP MD POP LG PPCRNMDPPCRN" etc. It had every item, 8 characters long. Then grab the sub(itemnumber*8, for a length of 8). It would return the name of the item, without using a HUGE complex select-case.

A friend and I programmed yahtzee, blackjack, and othello (that was a LOT of work) They were all 'graphical' in that we used the pixel and line functions to draw various cards.

Othello was a huge amount of binary comparisons to see if each move was valid. Place a piece, check around it clockwise for an enemy piece, then follow in a line to either friendly piece or edge, then go on. Each move took a good few seconds to calculate, then another few seconds to draw the move. It used the link cable to tell another calculator what move had been made.
loop while waiting for the other calc: getcalc variable>>X, if x = 1, then move was made, send variable to other calc with the move, act on the move.

WOW, othello sounds extremely hard and complicated...

just fun ways to kill time instead of doing actual math homework - funny thing was we were allowed to program programs to DO our homework for us - because we had to know HOW to do the base math to make the program - thus things just were faster after we figured it out.

i see, ...thats how my 7th grade math teacher was, if we knew how to do the functions/equations we could actually use a calculator (although we had suckish ti-73) ...ahh, those were the days....

I have no apps or programs of my own, but I search for them alot. If you've already exhausted the programs and games listed on the TI sites, try this Google search: "Index of /ti-83 plus programs parent directory zip" or "Index of /ti-83 plus apps parent directory zip" or other searches in the same format. Just swap the word or words immediately after the slash to get more results. You will get directories with plain text and links to the specific files. TI apps and programs for download are nearly always a zip, but you might get more results by changing zip to rar or 8xp or 8xg etc. Good luck.