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Does anyone have some awesome ideas for my go kart i'm building? Answered

I just need something awesome to add on my go kart, I can't think of any good ones.



HOw about add a turbo booster when you press a button the booster gets activated and stays on for about 10-15 secs and then as you keep going it recharges! And maybe a gokart that generates electricity as you are running it!And then maybe use that electricity to power the booster?

where would you buy a turbo booster

"Holy Spoked Wheels, Batman!
Vishalapar has nicked the designs for our own wheels!"

"To the Batpoles, Robin, we have a super-arch-villain-criminal that is hell-bent on making great 'ibles!"

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Have a look at "RedBull Flugtag" for some truly awesome karting ideas - I know flugtag is to do with flight but the designs are easily transferable. There's also a few garvity-assist kart-races over summer - have a search for those and see the entries for some wacky designs ;-) I hope to be doing something like this in 2 years time when my g/daughter is 6!