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Does anyone here know about vintage hats/caps? Answered

You know those caps they had back in the 20s and 30s, the ones where the top would kinda hang out over the bill, kinda like the one in the pic, but not exactly. Well, does anybody know how to make one? If you can make one, then please post an I'ble, 'cause I've been needing one for a while and can't find any. By the way, the one on the right is sideways, incase of any confusion. I was kicked off of Yahoo! Answers today. I never realized how much of a slave I was to them. You Instructables people are smarter. I am leaving Yahoo! I have switched over to my Gmail account, and I'm happy. I've asked about this cap on Yahoo, and never got an answer. But you guys/gals are smarter and craftier, and I can actually go a good while on here without calling someone an idiot, unlike Yahoo. Well, have fun crocheting, knitting or sewing a cap from the long ago(if you'd like to).


I found one, and Mom bought it on eBay. This is it.

I found a picture with somebody wearing one here.

Do you mean "flat caps" like this?

are you a hat expert then kiteman?

No, I was only trying to narrow the request down a bit. There are several Tudor flat caps to make online, but "northern" caps are a bit harder to find as patterns.

There's an Etsy shop that sells the patterns, but I haven't found a free pattern yet.

wow, those look pretty cool

The York style shown on the page was kinda similar, but I'm looking for the ones they had here in America during the depression. Wal-Mart sold them recently, and conveniently ran out, and they won't be sold until next summer. I'm not a very patient person.

. A Google search for the term used for that type of hat in these parts (Redneckville, USA) turns up a lot of good info, but this is a family site and it wouldn't be proper for me to post the term. . " cap" +pattern

I think this is the "newsboy" style hat or similar. You can search on "make newsboy hats" and should see patterns and how to make. Good luck.