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Does anyone know a cool CMD console that the background gives a view of the hardware? Answered

The program would be a command prompt and the background of the command prompt would be as if you computer had a glass casing so you could see all the wires and connections and stuff. I don't know if it exists but it would be pretty cool. Or even other cool CMD prompt backgrounds


The CMD window isn't really designed to support background images, at least in the systems I'm familiar with. I'd suggest setting the desktop background image instead.

I know that generally CMD consoles don't have background images. But I have seen some pretty cool mods that do. These windows are not actually command prompt windows but rather scripts that accept and execute the same commands.

So find out from whoever's using one of those where they got it. It will probably let you install whichever background image you prefer; photos of electronics are easy to come by.

it's "line & column" ASCII or similar. you would have to write software to do that.

but why? the appeal of a command-line is that it isn't "Fisher-Price".