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Does anyone know any tips for recycling tires at home.? ? Answered

I was   just curious if anyone  had   any tips for recycling tires  at  home on the farm? Also any  uses?  Seems such a   terrible  thing   on  te  enviroment with so many tires   and not   nthing to do wih them.


Many farmer use them to weigh down tarpaulins. ,P. Animal feeders

Potato tubs for early spuds

Cut round the edge and turn the tire up to form a planter, paint white.

Thats pretty neat . I did not know if i shreaded them was there any commercial use. basically there is a old dump dow the road that has several hundred in it. I was curious if there was use fo rthem if i shredded them. maybe even a part time buisness or something. They will never decompose.

IF you can shred them - remember many tires contain wire - then how about a cool "new" surface mulch to replace tree bark?

or a path covering to replace gravel

shredding is relatively easy for us. I only wish they were a way we could ue thm as fuel somehow with killing everything on the planet.

Cut-off the side-wall with a heated blade, leaving the flat-tread. Cut the tread into sections, drill a centre hole at the top of each piece and use for roofing tiles, wall-shales or glue-down for floor tiles.


7 years ago

How about a fish pond?: https://www.instructables.com/id/Fish-pond-from-tractor-or-car-tires/ (pics 1 & 2)
Or a rainwater tank using the same principle as above but with really big tyres
Or garden beds: (pics 2 & 3)
Or constraining beds for invasive plants (mint, sugarcane, etc) (pic 2)
Or tarpaulin weights: (pic 3)
Or set on edge half buried as carpark bumpers (won't damage car!)
Or Earthship houses / retaining walls

OR: footware, garden trugs, belts, bracelets, air pump, bike/boat fender, swings, sharpen sandpaper, rocking/gaming chair, compost bin, etc - all found by searching Instructables for "tire OR tyre" or "used tire" or "Does anyone know any tips for recycling tires at home.?" ; ]. Not to mention searching the 'Net.

The possiblities are limited only by our imaginations! Used tyres are a huge "resource" - I'd love to see what novel ideas we can come up with...

Garden 080328 (4).jpgGarden 01.jpgTyre pond surround 080126 011.jpg

rammed earth tire is the coolest thing i've seen with them lately. You basicly lay the tire down, fill it with dirt, pound the dirt with a sledge hammer, more dirt, more pounding, dirt, pound, dirt, pound, untill it's a tire with super packed dirt in it. Then you could make an earthship like Hedvigm said or whatever else your heart desires.

You could always line it with a polythene bag if that was a worry though

me and my mom are currently making a tire playscape it is durable and bouncy (good for kids)

  • As long as they don't have metal belts in, you can chip them to use as filler in concrete, or to make the slightly bouncy surface in playgrounds.
  • Planters (see other posts)
  • Shoes (likewise)
  • Use towers of them as obstacles in a paint-ball arena.
  • Cut them in half, then use them as the legs of garden furniture.

My brother made some shoes out of them once. He just cut out the shape of a shoe sole... then nailed it to the soles of another shoe whose soles had worn out. ALSO.... I once saw a farmer on tv who put them into a big hopper and heated them up... then it kind of "DISTILLED" them into diesel fuel... and a burnable kind of natural gas... and something else i cant remember.

That would be gasification - there are a few projects on that theme here.

Some people make awesoem sculptures from them:

Some people make bags from them:
or belts:

(Would also be good for making a Mad Max costume.)

If you burn them make sure you burn them in a furnace that's made to do it.  Burning rubber at standard temperatures will create tons of pollution.  There are special furnaces that run at high temps that will also burn off most of the polluting gasses.

There are several industrial uses for them. Some are actually melted/burned for fuel. There is a lawn watering system "leaky pipe" made from ground tires that are then made into tubing that leaks to water in strips. Woven door mats? There is not much else to do with old tires and way too many old tires to do something with.


7 years ago

I have been told that farmers and ranchers (in the Western U.S.) sometimes dug a trench and lined the tires up in it in a row to make a "pipe" or "tunnel" then backfilled the trench (leaving the interior tire space open) and then used it as a septic drainfield, rather than using perf pipe. If you did it, I wouldn't tell the authorities about it.