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Does anyone know how I can learn electronics principles without enrolling in a degree program? Answered

I always seem to have a need to fix or troubleshoot an electronic device and I want to learn the basic principles of electricity and stuff so I can: 1) avoid shocking the life out of me. 2) replace simple components without blowing stuff up or burning out components. 3) make the decision to do my own repair or to send an item out for repair. (Making more intelligent decisions regarding electronics without being snowed over by some repairman).


the above I came across by accident........but it's the most well written tutorial for beginners on electronics.
I printed out all of the tutorial about 48 pages,but it's well worth it.
It covers just about everything,from resistors to ic's ,using a logic probe testing circuits etc etc .
The person who put this together needs a gold star..............even though it's about pinballs...it is still basic electronics....more than basic.....easy to understand ................................

The books are a good way to learn, however they concentrate more on learning circuit production and design than system diagnosis. This will only come through experience. What are you trying to fix, because alot of modern electronics cannot be repaired.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to make an adapter for an old black and decker hobby tool (kinda like a dremel) it has a pronged connector with two small sized barrel connectors. I can't find the 'power supply' anywhere. DC 6 volt power so I can't just simply cut the cord and add an standard plug to it. (although I thought about it, good thing I didn't). I inherited some of these tools from my father-in-law (deceased).

Theoretical principles, and how they link together, The Art of Electronics, Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill.

maybe a local vo-tech center? Lots of good reading on the net as well as the library.