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Does anyone know how I could control the temperature of the air and the humidity in a plexiglass box ( 3 x 2 x 2 feet)? Answered

Hi there! I am working on a project and I want to create adjustable weather conditions in a clear box. Being able to adjust the humidity and the temperature in the box would be ideal. I want to place an object in the box that transforms based on the conditions of the climate inside.

I know my way around the shop, so fabricating a box is not an issue. I don't know where to start though with the devices.

Thanks! ~Karla

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Hazzard2theworld911 (author)2011-01-05

as for the humidity, here's what i did for my Hermit Crab Habitat of roughly the same demensions: [get this stuff at a pet shop/aquarium store...]

Fishtank pump, Tubing, and Air-Stone, and a container for water.
place the airstone on the end of the tubing, put the other end of the tube in the pump, and bubble the air up through the water. assuming that the "box" you are making is airtight, it can raise the humidity to 70% - 95%, depending on the output of the pump.

If you need more Explaination, help, or pics, just message me here, or Find me on Twitter @Shock_Hazzard or Email: Hazzard2theworld911@hotmail.com

Good luck!!!!
Brett Montgomery

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afridave (author)2010-11-18

together with thermostats and light bulbs, small fans (hairdryer or computer) can also be used to lessen humidity although increasing humidity is a bit more complicated but by somehow creating steam and using fans to blow it into the box it could be possible.

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blkhawk (author)2010-11-16

Humidors are used to control the temperature and the humidity of cigar display boxes. Maybe you can use the same principle for your project.

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orksecurity (author)2010-11-15

Note that hospital premature-infant incubators do exactly this, though over a smaller space... and that's a life-critical application, so they're probably more exact about it than you'd need to be. You might want to do a bit of a literature search on their designs.

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kelseymh (author)2010-11-15

That's a small enough volume that you don't need much to change the temperature. You can use a simple thermostat connected to a lightbulb (evil incandescent, since you're going to use it as a heater). You want to keep the box stored somewhere that the ambient temperature is below the desired internal temperature, otherwise you'll need a more complicated system with both heating and cooling capability.

Humidity is more complicated, since it is strongly temperature dependent. Have you done a search for "humidity sensor" online? If not, why not? Once you have a humidity sensor, you could hook it up through a relay (analogous to a thermostat) to control something to heat a shallow pan of water to increase the humidity. Decreasing humidity, like decreasing temperature, will require something more complex.

If this is meant for controlled laboratory conditions, you probably want to talk to your department's engineer or lab technician, and maybe invest in a commercial climate-control unit.

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