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Does anyone know how many waterbomb bases are in the origami magic ball Answered

Pretty much what the title says, and if there are halves of them, please count them separate



I have a paper you might try and read about it if you are interested in a math project. You can find it here:


The photo shows you about half the ball. You should be able to count from that...

Could you tell us which "magic ball" you're referring to? A link, a photo, or something else of that sort would help.

I'm guessing this is a modular-origami polyhedron. If so, it will probably be one module per facet of the polyhedron. If it's stellated or otherwise made more complicated, multiply the number of faces by the modules used to form each face.

... or, I suppose, just try building one, folding more modules as you need them, and keep count....