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Does anyone know how to build a dog proof kitty litter box? I don't want the dogs to be able to get to it! Answered

I need a little box that the dogs can't push aside and stick their head into, something they can't manage to paw at to get their head into the "kitty treats."   I have seen a wooden box with a top you can swing open that looks like a maze inside.  It was on an exclusive pet website and too expensive for cheap!!


Simple solution to creating a dog-proof litter box: Buy a clear storage box container, around 2 feet wide by 2 feet deep by 2 feet tall (proportions aren't important, just big enough for the cat to turn around in). Costs maybe $7 @ Walmart. Make sure it has a a top that latches tightly. Cut a cat-size circle in the center of the TOP. Put the regular amount of cat litter in the bottom of the box. Teach your cat to jump on top of the box and go into the hole. Once she sees the kitty litter, she'll get the general idea. The beauty is that the size of the hole and the distance from the litter keeps the dogs from "snacking". Our cat didn't seem to mind the jumping up to the top. The lid also serves to contain at least some of the smell. Make sure you latch the cover tightly when you change the litter.

We have 3 pitbulls, a miniature dachshund and 2 cats. I had to get creative as the miniature dachshund is smaller than the cats and she can fit in the same spots as the cats. Plus she is the biggest cat box burglar. I have a Cat Genie cat box, so my box has to be near a water & drain for it to funtion properly. We put a baby gate in front of the bathroom door and moved the box in there. We then taught the pitbulls that they cannot go over the gate (they can actually step over it). It is funny to watch them nudge it trying to get into the bathroom. It is low enough for the cats & us to step over and high enough the keep the dachshund out. The things we all do for the love of our pets.

I like the others' ideas - physical deterrants through size of cat-hole.

I would personally go overkill and attach rfid collars to the cats that let the 'defense system' know not to attack.  It could be as simple as opening a door for the cart, or as fun as hitting the dog with a jet of water. :D

frollard, I think you misunderstood the question.  Thank you, though.

You want a cat litter box that the dogs can't get into for snacks...

go overkill technical :D

So make a box with a maze in it ?

You don't even really need a maze, just a covered box with (as you face the front of the box) a door on the left side of the front face, and a  partition behind the door with an opening on the right side, which leads to the litter compartment behind the partition. Not so much a maze as a sideways foyer....
Presuming the dog is larger than the cat, it should work just fine to deter the dog from sampling the "kitty roca". The trick would be to convince the cat to go in.

Thanks very much. If it works out well, be sure to post an Instructable. I bet a lot of folks would appreciate it.

I love that.  That is kind of what the maze box looked like.  The cat goes in and immediately turns a corner.  My dogs are Cocker Spaniels and wouldn't fit.  Thank you, I am going to try it.


8 years ago

Well i got another simple 1 that would be easy to clean...get 1 of the long plastic container at the hardware store..they are long,deep,and narrow..cut a hole in 1 side and put the original litter box inside...this way the can get in and out easily without jumping and the dog wont be able to get his head in far enough...and when u want to clean u just pop the top off and pull out litter box...and i guess an advanced version (larger box so its sanitary) would include food too to keep the dog out.


8 years ago

Get a large, plastic storage container at a hardware or department store. Cut a hole, large enough for the cat to get through, in one end of the container lid (top.)
Place a litter box about 1/2 the length of the bottom of the container inside and offset  from the hole. You can also cut a series of small ventilation holes around the sides, if needed.
Show your cat where the litter box is and where to get in.  Assuming your dog is too large to get in the hole or too small to jump on top, that should take care of the problem.

Thanks, but I can't take all the credit.  I initially came up with the idea to keep my dogs away from the cat's food, but my wife asked if we could do the same for the litter box.
So now, I have two of them sitting in my garage decorated with stickers my daughter put on them.

We have a small "laundry" room that we don't use for laundry and have the cat boxes and food bowls there.  When we made the outside dogs inside dogs, I had to but a pet gate across the door.  Cats cal still squeeze inside but the dogs can't .  Works great for our situation.

I have three dogs (Mangler, Scurvy and Psycho) and they are all inside dogs too.  The cat, Puffin ( my daughter named her) is also an indoor cat but she prefers to sleep in the garage where the dogs can't pester her.