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Does anyone know how to fix a ThinLite tablet (aka portable light table)? Answered

My artist mother commissioned a friend to make her a couple of portable lap desks about ten years ago. They were made by incorporating a ThinLite Porta-Trace into a thin, laminate wood, lap desk. Her friend also changed the plug to an in-line switch for convenience. These have worked great until a few months ago when they simply stopped turning on. They both quit working with in weeks of one another.

I suspect that the in-line switches are busted (having seen ten years of heavy use) but I have no idea how to test this theory. The inner workings of the light table are so alien to me I don't know where to begin.

Can anyone offer any guidance?


3rd picture: you've got exposed power-in, that could be tested with the correct tool. I can't see if that fuse is intact but it probably will be.



Sorry about the low res, my mother took these with her cell. The fuse is intact so I will try testing with a voltmeter.

I hope that the issue is with the cord, I really don't know what to to do if it isn't :(

As L. says, I'd test there first, you need a voltmeter.

Be VERY careful at the other end of the PCB- there will be quite a high voltage there.