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Does anyone know how to grow sugar cane? Answered

Hi. I was just wandering if anyone knew how to griw sugar cane, and where you could buy some seeds(or what you use to grow them)
Thank you in advanced.

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BurfBest Answer (author)2012-06-26

Sweet sorghum cane grows from seeds and can be juiced to make syrup or sugar. And as a bonus, the seed heads are a wonderful feed for ruminants. My grandpa used to grow a lot of it but he made his entire crop into sorghum syrup, which he sold and fed the seed heads to the cattle and goats.
By the way, sorghum syrup is the best tasting syrup ever.

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canucksgirl (author)2012-06-26

As far as I know the cultivated varieties in the U.S. (and some other regions), are all propagated from cuttings (from the eyes on the cane stalk). Apparently, growing them from seed is very difficult, however, there are a vast number of different sugar cane species so the native canes in some countries may be different. I know of some people who've been able to propagate a new plant from the fresh cane they bought in some specialty stores (like a Korean, or other Asian Market). The other option would be to purchase some fresh sugar cane from a farm where they are grown in parts of Florida, Texas, Louisiana (or Hawaii). I have not seen anywhere online that sells seeds.

I hope that helps. ;-)

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tesla man (author)canucksgirl2012-06-28

I just looked on amazon, and they have seeds.

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