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Does anyone know how to hack a motion sensor to work during the day? Answered

I have a HEATH-ZENITH motion detector that I wired to an outlet for my shipwheel prop. Everything works great except it only works at night. Is there a way so that it will work round the clock?


Thanks for quick response but I'm not sure that we are talking about same product. Please read below for model type. I tried covering the sensor window on bottom of detector with electrical tape thinking that it would trick the detector but that did not do it. I also took it apart and I think that the sensor is a small piece that has two prongs attach to it that sits right on this sensor window. I'm afraid to cut it because it may destroy this detector. Here is the model that I have (Heath Zenith SL-5316)

if you open it youll see inside 2 detectors component at the side that looks glossy with kinda snake shaped line in it or a component that looks like a led - the light detector component centered in front of the window with reflective square on the top - the move detector. avoid touching it cover the light detector with something thatll keep it in the dark