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Does anyone know how to make "STRAIGHT" (perfectly HORIZONTAL and NO skewing) perforations on paper? Answered

I try buy using the ruler but somehow it is always lined-up askew.  The line is straight but it never runs PERFECTLY horizontal.  Any suggestions??

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iceng (author)2013-04-18

Good old punch tape :-)

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mole1 (author)2013-04-17

1-Get a T square. Make sure it IS square and doesn't flex or rock.

2-Using double sided tape, put 1" squares of "no-slip mesh" down the center of the underside of the T square. This will help keep YOU from rocking it.

3-Use The T square to line up your paper on a work surface that has a straight edge for the top of the T square to move along. You may want to cover the surface with cardboard or something so you can punch through the paper with your perforating wheel (available at fabric stores to use with rotary cutters) or whatever you are making perforations with.

4-Tape down your paper so it doesn't move.

5- Move the T square to make your parallel lines If you want to go at right angles to the T square, slide a large triangle along the T square. Art supply stores usually have T squares and triangles.

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bwrussell (author)2013-04-17

Use a tool called a square, or T-square. It is essentially two rulers attached at 90º. Line one edge up with the bottom of the paper and cut along the other.

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