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Does anyone know how to make a dress with an adjustable hemline? Answered

I have a dress from a thrift store that is the basis for a fabulous costume for the fantasy convention. Only problem is the hemline is too boring. I came across these dresses in a catalog that seem to have exactly the feature I need to put on my dress, but I have no idea how it is done. I've scoured the internet so now I pass it on for your consideration... see below.


The dress apparently has ties inside that you can cinch up to control the level of blousing.
Thanks for your help!

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yt3Best Answer (author)2010-07-20

You could try the instructions in this pattern http://sewing.patternreview.com/Patterns/36157

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rickharris (author)2010-07-20

Just like window blinds http://www.alternative-windows.com/roman-blind.htm may give you some ideas

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