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Does anyone know how to make a gumball machine that takes money? Answered

I want to make a really cheap gumball machine that takes, say a nickel for small pieces of chewing gum, like the ones in a packet at walmart.  Either that, or does anyone know where to buy one?


"|Really cheap" and taking money securely don't go together at all. "Really cheap" = "honesty-box", more than that costs money.


Lemonie, I'm fully aware of that, I was just WONDERING if somebody had a great idea that fell under those guidelines.

I just worked out a design for a REALLY cheap one but it doesn't check whether coins are real or not. Were you looking more for a "real" machine like you see in the stores, with a real lock and coin checks? Mine is not that sophisticated. I was looking to make a "just for fun" one. I'm at the documentation/writing instructions phase now and was hoping a contest would pop up before I published. I have to finish my daughter's sweater first and then I can focus on finishing up. Say, another month?

Say May? The quilt contest came up and I have to finish my quilt first.

This sounds like its exactly what I'm looking for!

Warning: If you consider buying one used, make sure it comes with the key or remember to include the cost of having a locksmith make that key for you. Do you want one that _takes_ money, or that _requires_ money? Does it have to reject slugs? How secure does it have to be? The simplest mechanism involves a spring-loaded lever which stops the mechanism from rotating, and which is lifted out of the way by the coin (when present). You can design the slide or dial or whatever to screen out objects which are definitely too large, while the lever (known as a "fence" to locksmiths) screens out those which are too small. A second lever can check for coins which are just barely too large. Depending on how precisely you manufacture the device, it's possible to get a fairly accurate measurement of the coin's diameter, letting you accept nickles while rejecting pennies or dimes or quarters or slugs. To make this more secure, you add a similar mechanism which measures the thickness of the coin and only lets the mechanism operate if that's within an acceptable range. Again, that helps keep slugs from operating the mechanism. Serious machines have additional mechanisms to screen out slugs, which are beyond the scope of this question. But if all you're going to lose per "theft" is a gumball which wholesales for a penny, it probably isn't worth making a whole lot more effort than that, and what I've described is something that could be constructed at home with a bit of thought and effort and relatively basic tools.

Check the machines you see in Walmart, and find the name of the manufacturer.

Turn to google for the company's details and prices, or to ebay / craigslist etc to source a second-hand item.

Me too!!! I'm sure you can get one at Costco or superstore maybe. Probly walmart. Telus has a deal where you buy a blackberry along with a gumball machine that you would find in public places. I do not recommend buying one second hand off people on eBay or anything online like it because there are too many ways to scam people like you and me. My gumball machine was a present so I don't really know where the gumball machine came from, so all of the stores are guesses excluding the telus deal which could of ended by now. Don't worry, youl find one.

Easiest solution: large cardboard box, small man, "insert coin here."

I would say the 'expensive' part of making one would be an accurate coin counter/slug rejector. If you're not concerned with that, then making a simple paddle-wheel gumball dispenser would be easy.

.  I used to work for Northwestern and they make some of the best machines in the world. Contact them about purchasing one. I recommend a "Super 60"