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Does anyone know how to make a simple robot that can clean? Answered

Specifics: Dust, Sweep,Mop, laundry, organize paper. Thanks!




Best Answer 6 years ago

I'm actually working on an instructable for that!

It uses a series of switches to get out of corners, and it hasn't gotten stuck yet. When will you need it done by?

If possible by March 31 But if thats not possible anytime is fine. :)

By the way, I will have it done way before then to give you time to build it!

LOL... well if someone answers this WITH an Instructable for a WORKING Robot, I want a link... ;)

To really do this effectively is a considerable engineering task. Robotic hoovering is about as far as it gets.

Of course most of us already have several robots that clean for us - The washing machine, the dish washer. - The automatic car wash.

Not every robot has arms and legs!

Find a small child, they're commonly found near playgrounds. Duct tape a broom to one arm and a mop to the other. When it seems like the batteries are running low, pour in a couple Pixy Stix and it should speed back up to normal.