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Does anyone know how to make piezo triggered Kick drum light? Answered

Does anyone know how to make piezo triggered Kick drum light? One that lights up the inside of the drum when hit?
I want to make one for my drummer. I plan to use the flexible strings of LEDs I've seen available to line the inside of the front kick drum head. Then some how wire up a piezo (either mounted in the shell or on the drum head itself) trigger so it flashes when he uses the kick pedal. There are some vents to feed wires through so if an exterior power source is necessary, thats not a problem. I know it will need power of some sort ha, but batteries are preferable.

If anyone could help me with a circuit and/or a list of components that would be great!

Thanks in advance!


Here is a LINK to my quest to build a drum light trigger. Read through the entire thread and you will see the answer to this question towards the end. I have come up with a simple circuit that works great for this issue.

sorry this is the link

well try making this of simaler then attach it ti wer yiu foot touches the peddle or put in your shoe then put a led or leds in the drum head with a battrie and you cold make the swich just plug in to the head

After you look at my simplistic link, do a search for microphone+color organ+3 band. You should find a schematic that will let you use only the bass portion of the audio range to trigger your lights. If you put a potentiometer right after the mic (you can use the piezo as a mic, but you knew that already), you can make it less sensitive so that only the kicks make it light up.


Since you have the pedal and hammer going back and forth, why not just use a microswitch somewhere on those?

by micro switch to you mean like, a little mechanism that operates on contact when the pedal is depressed?
I originally thought i could do that but it seems a little invasive of his pedal. im just reluctant to stick stuff all over it which might interfere with playing and or be a pain to travel with. I figured with the piezo i could keep almost everything contained to the drum.
Thanks anyway :)