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Does anyone know how to make ripstop nylon water repellent-without the expense of buying a commercial product? Answered

Am trying to construct some dual purpose- outdoor furniture and camping gear-but the only fabric that I have hand is not water repellent. I would appreciate any ideas.


It doesn't have to be water repellent, just so that is won't rot when it gets wet. Except for maybe the tent cover should be water repellent.

Fabsil is a spray product in UK smells like WD40

Even painting it with cooking oil will render it water proof for a while.

Waxing - or Fabsil in the UK is a silicone spray for water proofing tent material. It smells like WD40 so that is well what it might be.

never reject simple acrylic (emulsion) paint if the shape doesn't need to be flexible.

Even painting with cooking oil will make it water proof (for a while)

"Non-commercial" methods tend to use oils and greases - not something you want to sit on.

There's a product-range called Nikwax which will probably have something to suit your needs.

Yes, it will cost, but only a few dollars (enough to re-waterproof my full-length birdwatching coat cost me about $10), and it will also extend the life of the stuff you make.