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Does anyone know how to sharpen very dull cuticle nippers without making them worse? Answered

I have several pair of very dull cuticle nippers and hair cutting scissors that could use a fresh edge on them.
These are small sharp "plier type" instruments the manicurist uses to remove the excess cuticle from around the nail beds of your fingers and toes.  The 2 pieces do not come apart so I need to sharpen them with the jaws wide open, and the use of a very small sharpening instrument.

If anyone has a system that works with the use of hand files or a rotary tool I would like to know how this is done.  I don't have a lot of space to work in so I'm limited to the simpler methods. I've tried a whet stone, that was a disaster, I'd be willing to try this again, as long as I know what I'm doing so I don't make them worse than they were when I started.

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated and welcome.  Thanks for helping out.


maybe this can provide some answers?

Yep, every single pair of them. Now for the fun part.

AlliKaZaaammmm! Sharpen -


4 years ago

I do this kind of work send me your info and I will get back to you vm.sharpening@gmail.com

I'm also trying to sharpen my pliers to cut very thin copper wires, and the pliers that work best are of these kind shown in the photo. I tried to use a Silicon Carbide bar to sharpen them, but I think I made the tip worse...

What is the method to do it correctly?


6 years ago

Don't use a file or any power tool, you'll ruin them almost certainly. Your best option is to glue some wet or dry sand paper to a pop sickle stick or wooden tongue depressor and use that as you would a small file,
I would recommend you start with #220 grit, then #400 grit and finish with #600 grit.
Be careful not to change the angle of the grind and to keep the cutting edge straight. Work slowly and check your progress frequently.

Thanks for the tip, I got the sand paper today, cut a couple of door shims in half, length wise, used some Goop to glue the sand paper to the front and back of the each shim. I'm currently waiting for the Goop to dry so I can try this out. I'll keep you posted on the progress as it develops. PS - Door Shims are just about as handy as the binder clip and WD-40.