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Does anyone know how to splice a usb cable and bend the connector? Answered

I really like how Flip Video Cameras have built in usb connectors, and i really want to try to integrate something similar into my phone which has a micro usb port so i can charge it and drop off files whenever i'm around a computer. I was thinking the best way would be to strip the usb cable and bend it right at the connector, then splice the cable so it isn't too bulky. has anyone done something like this before?


I'm not sure what you're trying to do here. Cables to connect phones to PCs are widely available, as are adapters from mini to standard USB. (Actually, my cable came with an adapter from micro to mini, so it could be used to charge both my phone and my headset.)

Transferring images from the phone or ringtones to the phone may require special software; phone manufacturers generally don't make it as easy as copying from an on-phone directory. For my phone, that's a $50 item, though it does actually come with the cable so it's really more like $30 for the software.

i have a cable and my phone is equipped for transferring stuff (nokia 6350, equipped with usb mode and microsd slot)

i'm just really lazy and i want to find a way to incorporate a cable into my phone so i don't have to dig around for it when i want to transfer files

I just leave the cable with (and usually plugged into) the PC I normally transfer to/charge from.