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Does anyone know how to unsize a 10hp riding murrey mower motor? Answered

Thought starter was bad. Checked out good. Re connected and just clicked. When screen was turned by hand and key turned at same time, motor turned over then stopped. I am stumped and need help and perhaps can save this motor.


If it's not an electrical problem, check the fuel and air systems. You might have to unblocked a line or change a filter.

LOL hey was it a bad coil ?

I'm almost out of ideas - does it have a distributor cap?

dead battery/weak battery.

Seconded weak battery. Clicking starter means the solenoid isn't getting enough current because it's all going into the stator coils. She just needs more juice (of the electrical variety)

Also, check the spark plug - check the gap, check it's not grimed/rusted up.

You can use a car battery to jump the lawnmower if they are both the same voltage. Or you can use a battery charger to charge the battery to get the motor going. I'm sure there are instructables here for that.

Bad starter if would say. The motor turns over by hand, good battery connected but you might try hooking directly to the starter motor. That would eleminate everything but the starter motor. It that makes it work then one of the cables or the solonoid contacts are bad.

Possibly a bad starter solenoid... How do you *know the starter itself is ok? A no load test is not sufficient to prove that it works. If the internal wiring is faulty, it may still work under no load but short under load, causing failure of the system. Have you checked the load current while attempting to start the motor?

Tanks to all who responded. After trial and error, located the problem as being a bad coil.