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Does anyone know how to wire a PC controller? Answered

I bought a Phillips Retractable PC controller. within 3 months, the cord kinked and split. I tried to replace the cord with a CAT5 cable, but I wired the controller wrong. (When I tested it, the light failed to come on and it started to vibrate in my hands.) could anyone provide a wiring diagram, or any advice whatsoever?


I just happen to have the same controller. Find the gray four-wire cable that connects the PCB to the retractable contraption. Get a USB cable that ends in a type A Male (just like the retractable cord) and strip it. Wire it where the gray wire is in this order:
V      (red in a USB cable)
D-    (white in a USB cable)
D+   (green in a USB cable)
G     (black in a USB cable)

Reverse it if it doesn't work. May I suggest tying a knot in the USB cord just before the opening to prevent stress on the wires? 

Also: on the 'PCB wheel' there are 8 copper rings. Each pair of two is one of the four connections (V,D-,D+,G) and there are 8 rings to prevent the controller from failing to work in case one ceases contact.

 Thanks! I might  have to try this. the only problem is that I already desoldered the grey cable in question. whoops. :(

Try finding the - and + on the LED with a meter, then trace back from the negative side of the LED to one of the cables. That's the negative wire.
Next put the meter on the positive side of the LED and trace it back by connecting it with the meter to one of the 3 remaining cables. That's the positive wire.
The two remaining wires will have to be tested by switching them.
That brings the total amount of options down from 24 to 2. =)

The solution is appreciated, yet I might need to explain a bit...

There are 8 wires, not 4. Also, this a retractable, so there is a PCB 'wheel' (8 copper rings on a circular piece of plastic) that all of the wiring is connected to.

Lastly, never, NEVER buy a Phillips retractible PC controller. the retractible cord will sever. it is some type of crummy ribbon cable.

Did you solder the CAT5 cable to the controller, or did you connect it to the old cable? and is it a usb connection?

I connected the cable to the contact pins on the controller. ...and yes to the second question.