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Does anyone know hows to repair a thin cable? Answered


I have worked on an old version of robot Nao, and recently discovered that a thin cable (see picture) from its shoulder is broken, the thin cable is very tiny, slim and can be quite fragile. I understand that I have to send it back to Aldebaran to repair, but it really costs a lot and it takes time too.

Can I ask if there is anyone out there who is specialized in repairing this kind of cable? I appreciate much of your help. Thanks a zillion!!


Go with Rick's solution.

Perhaps you could just buy a roll of ribbon cable and replace your cable.

but this cable is made by aldebaran, this kind of cable cannot be found in market. Do you have any way that i can contact with a professional who is profession in repairing cables?



You might not find the EXACT cable - but a suitable replacement can probably be found -- the only important thing is number of conductors and spacing of the pins.

From the picture above, it looks like it could be soldered. It all kind of depends on how small of a space the cable has to go into. Where soldered, it will no longer be flexible and will be slightly thicker.

Scraping insulation off really thin cable is frustrating and a real pain in the bum. Heat the insulation and remove the insulation when it is hot. it won't take much heat. I use a heat gun but a candle will do as long as you clean the strands before soldering. I use finger tips as I don't care about tiny burns, but a cloth will do the same job.

I assume that once you have cleaned the insulation off the cables you have a way to join them.

Scrape off the insulation and solder a wire across the broken section.

OR replace the entire thing with separate wires - they only use ribbon cable for convenient assembly.