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Does anyone know if you could use a sofa as a back seat in a Volkswagen bus? Answered

I want to put a sofa in my Volkswagen Bus and I need to know what anyone else thinks of this, any suggestions, or does anyone know if this is even legal


. We used to do that back in The Good Ol' Days (1970s). Love seat across the back + sofa along the side = instant party wagon! Probably not legal without being bolted down and having seatbelts, but I'm just guessing.
. For temporary installation, straps, bungee cords, chocks, &c will help keep it from sliding around. You need to secure it so it won't tip over on acceleration or your passengers will be looking at the ceiling.

so do you think it would be legal if it was bolted down and had seat belts?

ok, i'll do what the other person said and ask, maybe i'll even post an instructable


9 years ago

We were doing it but we don't know if it was legal.

The best thing to do is ask your dmv. It would certainly be cool, that's for sure.