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Does anyone know of a "Paint" filter for Photoshop? Answered

I am trying to do a bit of stylistic work on photos, and I am trying to get a cartoonish look to them. however, I need it to be smooth and bright with few heavy, black outlines. I know of a "paint" function on a video mixer I once used, but being that I have not the 10 grand to drop for such a piece of equipment, that option is out the window. a good example of what I am looking for is DVShades' LiveToon plugin for Final Cut Pro, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a 3rd party filter or a  technique that would replicate this in either GIMP or PhotoShop.

for pictures on what the effect looks like, visit http://www.dvshade.com/LTExamples.html


I might also add that I am trying for a "Manga" style look.

There is an instructable here, which has quite a stylized look which I haven't seen elsewhere.  But, you also mention not wanting heavy black lines... I suggest you either try the cutout filter (set to the maximum of 8 levels) and/or the watercolor filter, and possibly combinations of the other filters listed under "artistic".  You can also play around with the outline filter on a layer above, and play around with that mix.

If you're looking for something more professional and you're willing to pay for some plugins, you may want to check out this site.  If you're working on video, keep in mind programs like final cut and premiere and such generally have the same kind of filters as photoshop if you look around for them.

I own Final Cut Studio 1, and I could not find a plugin that did what I wanted.

Thanks for the reply!