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Does anyone know of a good way to weatherproof a wireless repeater? Answered

I have a have a router I setup as a wireless repeater with dd wrt. I'd like to make some sort of weatherproof enclosure to put outside my apartment. It doesn't necessarily have to be waterproof since  there is an overhang right outside my door where I'd like to put it. Is there a way to make a a weatherproof enclosure that could be vented? I know I probably could just purchase some low lose lmr cable and put it indoors but I think I would need about 20 feet and lmr 600 & 400 is kinda exspensive. 


Tupper ware box, Wooden box painted Paint/varnish the case and seal with tape.( watch heat build up may not be a problem outdoors.) Plastic wrap - Saren wrap lasts a year or so longer if not exposed to much sun. Imagination!

Ziplock (or brandless) throw-away tupperwareish containers. Can be easily drilled and use silicone to seal the wires coming in/out.