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Does anyone know of any digital camera software hacks that can reduce my shutter lag ? I have a Canon PowerShot A495. Answered

Trying to find software hacks if any to reduce the shutter lag on my Canon A495 PowerShot


The problem is the light sensitivity setting. Look for a setting labeled ISO, it should be right on the main settings page, that is what controls the sensors sensitivity to light and thus shutter speed (FYI you probably need to be in Program mode (P) not Auto). A higher ISO number results in a faster shutter speed and higher light sensitivity. Bump this setting up until you get what you need. You will be able to freeze faster action w/o blur but the draw back is that the higher the ISO the grainier your photos will be. Trial and error will teach you the right setting based on amount of motion and available light.

Alternatively you can turn the ISO down, opening the shutter for longer, and get some great motion effects and blurs, just hold the camera very still.

Study your camera manual - It almost certainly has a sports setting when the shutter lag will be reduced (with other knock on effects) OR you can take multiple shots at one time spreading them across the action.

I don't think any hacks can do that. Just remember to hold the shutter release button down half way to focus, the press all the way to take a photo.

+1. If you know that you are going to take picture of something and it needs to be fast, focus on the area you are going to shoot in, hold the focus, and snap the picture. Also, start to use manual focus (if your camera has it) as much as possible. I am very fast with manual focus now, so it's faster for me to just focus the image manually than to wait for the camera to do it, I'm more accurate than the camera, and you can do some fun stuff like DOF. It takes lots and lots of practice, but eventually you get used to it. :)