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Does anyone know what this is? Answered

i cound this antique flag holder that i have had for years, i was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is,


Sorry I have no idea can you tell me what is this?

Obviously part of the DeathStar

I think more pictures and details would really help . Obviously it is not easy to figure it out , so please provide more pictures

No i don't see this before...

You've said that this is an antique flag holder - is it or isn't it?


Can you post some better photos? and give us a little more information? Such as the material (if you know it), its approximate weight and size; any info about where you got it from, and how old you think it is. For the photo's if you could include all of the writing or Roman numerals that seem to be on the base; and if those "figures" on the pedestal are all different, please include an image of each.

The picture makes it really easy -- it's a greyish-green blob resting on top of a flat black blob, in front of a really bright window. Next time take the picture with the window behind you.

Not in silhouette...

I suspect that is a relic representing some underpaid civil servant hoping to make it big by coming to America and putting some of the Queen's English where the sun never sets.

Dunno, I could only make out maybe an eagle or something surrounding a globe? Can't make out the inscription but it looks like maybe hebrew or latin? If a desk flag holder, it may be something related to US Marines as their theme has the eagle and globe. Depending on what flags were put in the holder, it would have some significance in figuring out what it is and maybe age. The metal or composition of the item would provide a clue in the search.