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Does anyone know where I can find plans for a bed that will lift up vertically and dump me out? Answered

I have a really hard time waking up sometimes, so I want to make a frame for my bed, so my wife can just push a button and the bed will lift up, dump truck style, and dump me out. Has anyone made anything like this? I tried posting this same question on Yahoo Answers and got a bunch of responses like: "get more sleep", or "Have your wife throw a snake on you". As funny as that last one was, it was still fairly un-helpful :) I've also done a lot of research into alarm clocks, but this is the solution I think would be really FUN to implement. Anyway, I'd sure appreciate some help. Thanks everybody!



7 years ago

Maybe this project would work for you : http://egaertner.com/dpac/

This might be something you will need to design for yourself (the design process itself can be as much fun as the building).

The basic idea would be a powered car jack (or RV levelling jack) under one side of the bed, with hinges on the other side. You can find extra low-profile jacks with a simple Google search.

For heavy duty hinges and metal stock to make the frame, McMaster-Carr Industrial Supply is a good starting point. They are not the cheapest, but they have essentially everything, and at least you'll learn what the right technical names are to do a more focused Google search. McMaster-Carr might even have the jack.

You should use online engineering resources, such as http://www.efunda.cvom, to do the necessary computations for the hinges and frame to support about 500 lbs (that gives a factor of 2-2.5 safety marging for the average adult).

Thanks!  I can't believe it took someone more than a year to catch that typo!  Unfortunately, I'bles database system doesn't support editing comments.

Go simpler, just have one side of the bed drop like a trap door to roll you out : )

I will start by repeating that "get more sleep" advice. That means quality sleep and at a regularly scheduled time of night or day. As with obesity, sleep deficiency can degrade your overall health in all kinds of unexpected and unpleasant ways.

Now, it seems to me that rotating the bed side-to-side would be easier than end-to-end. For example, you could build a bed that is attached lengthwise to the frame by a hinge; the other side is held to the frame only by a solenoid-controlled bolt (perhaps from an electric door lock). Retracting the bolt would detach one side of the bed from the frame, causing that side to collapse to the floor, while the other side is still attached to the frame by the hinge and thus higher off the floor.

But I can think of a fairly simple way to do end-to-end rotation, too. You could use a hammock hung from a frame. The head end is securely tied to the frame, while the foot end is tied to a solenoid-controlled bolt. Retracting the bolt would cause the connector for the foot end of the hammock to drop to the floor. (The head end would also work, but strikes me as even less safe.)

In any case, I would still suggest talking with a sleep specialist about how you can improve the quantity, quality, and timing of your sleep. There may be some simple lifestyle changes you could implement that would result in a generally higher quality of life, and less bruising than a robot bed.

Are you one of those people who hit the snooze button a lot? I used to do it a lot so to get myself out of the habit I put thumb tacks on top of my alarm clock. Broke that habit real fast.

Lok up plans and mechanisms for a "Murphy Bed". These are the ones that pivot on end and fold up into the wall to save space. Just mount this one facing the other way and adjust the springs to pull up more weight. All you need is a timer mechanism to release the hold down bolt and there you go. Good luck and don't aim yourself out the window.

According to Wallace, you need a timing device connected to an electric winch - at the selected time, it lifts the head of the bed towards the ceiling.

It is recommended practice to install a trapdoor at the foot of the bed that will open simultaneously with the bed-lift, and allow you to land comfortably at the breakfast table.

I guess you could make this bed spin around really fast and (hopefully) wake you up. Pretty hefty price too. :D