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Does anyone know where to find a replacement part for an antique platform rocker? Answered

I have an antique platform rocker that I need a replacement part for.  It is a cast iron arm at each end of a wood spindle.  Looking up online I found it may be called the "Lowentraut mechanism" and was designed in the late 1800's.  The rocker I have is in good shape but only has one of these cast iron arms and I am trying to find a way to get a 2nd one to complete the rocker and refinish it.  I am attaching a photo of the one arm that is on the rocker.  Any information on how to find a replacment part would be appreciated. 


You can find these under "Lowentraut glider mechanism" (or "Hall-Lowentraut") on eBay. The company is still in business and they're still being made. They cost about $50 on eBay for the new ones. You can also get them used.

did you ever find the mechanism,,i bought a flea market chair and needs the front mechanism

Van Dykes Restorers has the hardware for this chair.

Do you have a direct link to the hardware page on Van Dykes? Couldnt find the particular piece.

I have a glider thats missing that exact same piece. Were you ever able to locate your part? voodoodaddy1168@yahoo.com

Start searching for a cast iron foundry and see if what it would cost for them to cast a replacement. They would probably have a to make a sand mold from the complete one you already have and it won't be cheap.