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Does anyone want to see me make a new version of this lego computer? Answered

I have attached images of my second lego computer build. I am now planning a third that will be very similar to this, but with much better components including a fan controller and hot swap hd bay. Does anyone want me to record the process? I have come up with a few great ideas for this type of mod.

Also I have just begun design in digital legos and would love any suggestions.


I will be placing an arduino in this computer for an lcd display on the front. Any other ideas for an arduino in here?

Sure, you can even put up the current version in a photo-instructable. Is that m-atx or m-itx form factor? Any problems with rf shielding? Is the power supply baking in the bottom layer? Did you have to machine any of the LEGO to accept hardware? Is it noisy? etc.

The mobo is m-itx (Asus M4A88T-I). I love it, I'll probably buy the same one for the new comp. It's small and has a ton of features. I don't really care for this new APU business.
I never had a problem with RF noise. I didn't keep it right next to speakers or a monitor tho. I did read about a spray on EM shield for plastics that I could use in case it does become an issue.
The power supply is a low power variety meant for a media center pc and the fan is positioned near the large window for the GPU, so it stays pretty cool. Also there is more ventilation on the left side not shown in the pics.
The only legos I had to modify were for the lid. I embedded 8 magnets into lego pieces to make the lid detachable.
It is a bit noisy with stock cooling, but I had high standards. So the new one I'm getting a very cool Zalman and will be adding a 15db 120mm fan where the side window is now.