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Does instrucables own copyrights to our posts? Answered

If we post something on instructables, do we own copyright to the post or does instructables?


You hold the copyright, but give Instructables an automatic licence to show it in.

I think the other licenses that are listed are for what other people can do with the material. If it's public domain, anyone can use it and not need to pay, check with the author, etc. I think the other licenses have varying degrees of permission, useage rights, credit given, and other lawyer speak i'm sure. I'm not a lawyer but that seems to be what i've found so far looking at things today.

After I wrote the comment and question, I did some research and answered my own question. Specifically, the BY-NC-SA license is allowing users to non-commercial reproduction of the instructables, and any modifications, or reposting must credit the author. The public domain license allows users with free open access to the instructable as by definition, no one owns or controls the material. I'm kind of surprised to see that license for the noted member, but they must have opted for this. As far as I know, everyone is by default given the BY-NC-SA license.

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Thanks. :)

Also, there are other licenses. A good example, if you look at "Parsley Tea" under "Related" (to the right), you'll see the license on the instructable shows "None. All rights reserved". - So again, I'm assuming the author can opt for different types of licenses, but even though I've posted 12 instructables, I've yet to notice where you can do this...

When your logged into instructables, you click on the "you" at the top to go to your page. there you find "settings" and then "default license" and you can change it there for i'm guessing future instructables. If you click on one of your already done instructables, to the right under author options you find "change keywords, category(s), license" and can probably change it there for already posted instructables.

You're right. I see it. I guess I hadn't bothered to look at that closely enough. Thanks for pointing it out. :)

This page and every page in instructables is copyrighted by instructables.

Check out the last text on this page.

It's your work, and you own the copyright.

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