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Does it matter where the "airhole" for the speaker is placed? Answered

I'm building my own speaker at the moment with some old computer speakers. And I am rebuilding the frame (originally plastic) with MFD (8mm thick). The measurements of both cases are the same as I read somewhere that that is a factor which affects the sound

The airhole on the original plastic case was  on the left upperside of where the speaker is. But in my design it would be nicer if the airhole comes either out the back or the front but down below. So my question is if I place the airhole somewhere else does it affect the sound?

Note that I am not one of those people who notices the slightest quality decrease. I'm just a guy who enjoys his music be it on 10 dollar speakers or one hunderd dollar speakers.

P.S. I know the hole isn't for air but I didn't know what else to call it. If you can give me the correct term that is a bonus :)


tuned port
.  If you were the real picky type it would make a difference, especially on the low end and/or for "full-sized" speakers. For your purposes, it won't make that much difference.

NachoMahma has it phrased right, tuned port. These are generally for bass reflex cabinets so that at the resonant frequency of the bass driver (woofer), almost all of that frequency is coming from the port and is in phase with the driver. For the most part, the port is placed on the same face as the driver (to be in phase). Usually it is placed within the vicinity of the driver, but that is not a hard and fast rule. If you can replicate the diameter and length of the port and put it on the front somewhere, you will be fine. And since you are rebuilding "computer speakers", the ports are probably more for aesthetics than actual function.

Ah thank you both :)

My english isn't that good so forgive me iif this sounds stupid but with aesthetics you mean that it doesn't make that much difference in overall sound quality (in other words it wouldn't be the end of the world if I changed the size diameter)

I'm asking this for design purposes as I find that a hole in the speakers doesn't look so nice.

So could I leave it out or change the shape of the tuned port if I wanted to? And would this affect the sound drasticly?

. It will make some difference, but not that much and, as Quercus austrina points out, it will be a rather narrow range at the low end (see chart here).
.  Play around with different ports and see what sounds best to you (everybodys ears are different). You may be able to get away with no port at all, but that will probably sound a little weak on bass (as Qa says, on cheap speakers it's probably more for looks anyway, so try it).

Okay cool, thanks alot. I was thinking in the style of a stretched cirkel on the bottom of the speaker. And I figure from all the explenation that if I keep the same space the original hole had it will sound good.

So first I'll probably try no hole and if that doesn't work out I'll try making one in the bottom.

Instructable will be made ofcourse ;) (just don't expect something in the style of Noahw with technical explenations. I'm thinking more of an ible for the people with no background in it and who just wanna build it. And ofcourse what I'm building is highly diffrent from the stuff you already saw around here ;)

Yes NachoMahma,

You are quite right, the band is rather narrow at the low end where the port is effective. It is a function of the Thiele-Small parameters and box size. With the small generic drivers usually used in lower end computer speakers, ports are mostly there just for show, though they do contribute a small amount.


The track you are taking is probably the best you should take. Experimenting with the different scenarios is the way to really learn. I think that you will be quite satisfied with your final results.

I look forward to your 'ible.


 you should be able to put it near the speaker

I'm not sure, but I think the hole is properly called a "vent", and is there to equalize air pressure inside the speaker cabinet. So in a way, it is an airhole. Unless I'm totally wrong about what you're referring to, that is.


8 years ago

In the case of cheap computer speakers, no, it won't really matter.  With expensive speakers it does matter.

As long as the hole is about the same size as it was in the old enclosure, you should be good to go.

You want to search for "speaker cabinet design" or similar
I might go picking through result that if I wasn't so tired right now, so over to you.