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Does moo really mean moo? Answered

Thats all I ask.  Does moo really mean moo
I'm looking for some good answers, so give me all you've got!


Translators note: Moo means moo.

The picture below was taken at an undisclosed location, somewhere in the Former United States.  As you can see, in this photo there is a plethora of bumper stickers affixed to what appears to be some kind of land vehicle. 

One of the stickers spoke unto me, and it said moo does indeed mean moo, and that's really the least of what moo means, because in truth moo is sublimely meaningful.  I knew know one would believe me if tried to relate the story of this epiphany with only words, so that is why a picture is also attached.  The relevant sticker is circled in red.


It's became a word in 1549.

That's awfully specific :-) Do you have access to the OED (either online or in print)? The closest I could get was "1540's, of imitative origin."

Well I googled it and I saw something that said in 1549! I am not exactly sure of the source!

Okay. I did basically the same thing, and all I could get was the vague "1540's".

it may have been mentioned in passing in 1492.

What does it matter? it's a cow's opinion.

Thats very true, but im gonna keep looking for witty answers like Nutrition Mans

You didn't watch "Friends", did you?

I think you're going to have to stick with Teletubbies quotes for this fellow.

No, i didn't even know that was a show.....

No, it means meow (:-/


If you mean "mu", it translates literally as "negation" and figuratively as "that is not a well-formed question."

Which, come to think of it, is an appropriate response to this question too.

In the context of cows, moo is roughly translated to 'gimme grass' or 'get the hell awf ma laand'. Sometimes, cows 'moo' if they have any emotion at all. For example; "Your dad just died" "Moo", "Everyone will live forever" "Moo", "Your newspaper didn't arrive today" "Moo" etc.
Hope this helped,


7 years ago

Im confused, but a moo moo is a serious fasion statement!


it depends on the dialect of the "moo" high pitched could mean in distress or angry
low could mean comforted or angry
in between could be happy angry comforted sad all in one so in other words

moo moo mooo

hahahaha, but seriously

I'm not sure if you meant it but all caps is like screaming down a telephone line. I'm actually a cow so I would know what moo means.