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Does the convert command in Command Prompt wipe the drive that it is converting? Answered

I've been planning on converting my old computer's drive that still operates on FAT 32, to NTFS due to it's incompatibility with my flash drives (also NTFS). I am trying to get files off of it but I didn't want to have to make several discs to store the data. I only want to do that if it is my only choice.



Best Answer 6 years ago

No, it does not erase or delete anything. I have done this for a number of systems that for some reason were still stuck in FAT32 and I have never had it go wrong, so far. I have had some that refused to be converted for some reason, in those it simply won't do it.

I forgot to mention that you can have partitions of different types on the same drive. You can have one FAT32 and another that is NTFS and it all works just fine. Windows 98 however can't read NTFS.

The computer I am using is an XP. It has a 20g hard drive that is almost full to bursting. Is there a way to reformat a flash drive to FAT32 so I can make a backup on my newer NTFS computer?


6 years ago

20 Gig is awful small anymore. I believe almost all flash type drives are formatted to just FAT. I might be wrong but all of mine are that way. I think its to make them compatible with everything because they are 'portable" and so could be stuck into any USB. I don't know if they would handle reformatting to a new file system.
However a far better choice would be to buy an external drive. As an example, here is a notebook size external 320 gig for just $50.00
These are very handy for backup and for file transfer. You can repartition them to add more partitions with no problem.