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Does this pickup seem ligit? Answered


A friend and I are making a bass and need to buy a pickup or two for it. After looking around at some sellers on ebay, we came across this one. It seems like a good price, if it's decent, but neither one of us know a lot about bass pickups (we're taking it to a third party to have it wired). So will this be worth getting? Are there any tell-tale signs that suggest it is or isn't any good?

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st.paul (author)2009-08-20

not yet, my friend that im building this with is the benefactor and will be the rightful owner of the bass once it's completed, so i guess he'll buy it at his own pace. but i believe this pickup will be a good choice, judging from internet feedback and reviews of other products of theirs- although i couldnt find one specifically for this model.

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st.paul (author)2009-08-19

thanks a lot for the info

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