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Doesn't connect? Answered

I bought the Arduino kit from AdaFruit that you referenced above. I have a windows 7 computer. The ide won't load on Windows 7 so I use the Arduino Create Web interface. I plug it to a usb port, load the Arduino Create Agent ok, and try to run the blink example above. However I get a "No plugin connection. Uploading is diabled until you reconnect" error. I click the Monitor button and it tells me no serial port is available. I looked through some troubleshooting guides and it talks about FTDI port drivers. I follow the installation guide but my device doesn't recognize those drivers (from the device manager). HELP. How do I connect this guy. Thanks in advance.

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bekathwiaBest Answer (author)2017-10-18

Hi, sorry you're having trouble! For Arduino Create (online programming interface), you need to install the browser plugin: http://create.arduino.cc/getting-started/plugin

For more help with the drivers on your desktop, take a look through the forums: https://forum.arduino.cc/

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Doubting_Thomas (author)2017-11-13

Stevensje - You can still download and USE (on a Win7 system) one of the older Arduino IDEs. I am running 1.0.5-r2 on my (aging) Toshiba Satellite, with Win7 Home Premium (as I do NOT pay for internet svc at my apartment).

Go here to download:


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