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Dog or Cat volunteer Answered

Hey everyone. I'm working on an instructable which will end up on a dog or cat collar. Problem is, I don't have either. I'm looking for someone to volunteer their cat or dog's name for the tag I'm making. I'll send it to you and hope that in return you'll provide a picture of your pet wearing it for the instructable.

If you're up to it, upload a picture (below in the comments) of your pet with this post in the background . I'll use the first pet posted. Thanks Brent.



Hi Brent, her name is Betti, she is my parents dog and a 7 month year old German Wirehaired Pointer. I really love your work, getting something for her would be amazing!


lol "with this post in the background", now I see it, oh well...

You'll be the first person I contact next time I need a volunteer.

Hi, That's one fine looking pup, I can see intellegence in Her Eye.! Yup. G-G

Thanks everyone! I'm working on it now. Brent.


5 years ago

I know that you said you'd use the first pet posted... but in case you want both a dog and a cat, here's my Tigger.

Yes, he is in the background not the foreground. He's a cat. Try making him do what you want, and once you manage it, please tell me how ;-)


Here is a photo of my dog 'Deezel'. He is a rescue puppy (found in a bag in a dumpster with his siblings) and is now a strong healthy 8 year old.

Deezel.jpgDeezel in the truck.bmp

Her name is Linna. She's a Golden Retriever / Black Lab cross. Though blurry, that is your Instructables post in the background.


Count with me I have two dogs."Ozzy" And "Tommy"