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Don't Press The reset button while saving your PS2! Answered

 So.... I was playing NFS most wanted on my PS2, when I picked two markers from the blacklist rival number 12, when I noticed that I didn't pick the pinkslip! (I didn't get the car). So it started saving, and you know when it says do not reset or switch off the console while its saving? Well I was like Reset Blah console blah blah blah. So i pressed reset. Then came regret. I started to fret. You wanna bet? So i pressed the button right. everything was going well until is started loading....... Then it said:

COULD NOT LOAD, DATA CORRUPT. Or something like that. So whatever you do don't press reset while you are saving! OR ELSE!



8 years ago

Hmmm... Perhaps that's why it says: "Do not reset or turn off the power"?
Just maybe....

Reminds me of my favorite video game cheat, in Pokemon gold and silver...

Turning off your gameboy while saving in the PC (do not turn off the power while saving, etc.) will duplicate pokemon....

We already know that.  My friend did it after a race while the save icon was up, and my profile was corrupted.

BTW, I beat NFSMW three times already.  #12's ride sucks.  Try going for #10, that car can go over 200 MPH without further upgrades.  I also like #13, #6, #2, #1.

#6 and #2 are the best blacklist rides (In my opinion, better than the BMW), but the only part is that they are sleeper cars, I got both of them and made them look awesome.  You should see them...

how can i see them? I want to see them...

You have to get to their levels first.  Or you can just go to a quick race, and sort the cars by "Bonus".  The first 15 bonus cars are the blacklist rides that can be unlocked by beating the respective blacklist member.  

However, they all have stock performance on quick race (Not on career, those have the best performance), so its just like driving a car just bought from the car shop.

My friend challenged me to see how fast I could beat career, his personal best was 1 week.  I accepted and I beat it in 5 days.  I got past the first 5 blacklist members on the first day lol.

Another tip: while it may say "ensure your PS2 is clean and free from dust", don't fill it with washing-up liquid.


no duh. That's why it says don't reset your console.

but I thought it'd be okay, and im just warning people!