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Door upcycle need help hiding hinge area Answered

I am trying to make a desk out of a hollow core door. I want to fill in the hinge areas before painting or put something there after painting to make them look nice. any ideas? I haven't found any online and I've spent hours looking.

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nehmo (author)2017-08-03

Cutting off a half inch of the door will work. Even hollow doors have solid material near the edges.

But if you just want to fill-in with something, I'd use car Bondo Body Filler. You'll find plenty of uses for the stuff later, so investing in a can is worth it.

(You could also use plastic wood, but that's not as good. And there's plenty of wood-filler products on the shelf, but those are inferior too.)

Get the job as square as you can while "wet" and later sand it to perfection. If you paint over, it will be invisible.

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Toga_Dan (author)2017-07-22

or saw a bit off that edge to the depth that the hinges were recessed.

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Downunder35m (author)2017-07-21

You either did not look properly or used the wrong search terms.
Sawdust and wood glue for starters, resin or putty if noone cares....

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